Approach to Treatment

Our clinic offers comprehensive treatment, including medication management as well as counseling and psychotherapy. Initially we conduct a detailed evaluation which includes a discussion of your current complaint, your psychological history, your thoughts on the causes of your difficulties, your medical and family history, and a review of treatments previously tried. Together we come up with a treatment plan. Many patients can benefit from a combination of medications and psychotherapy. Some patients need psychotherapy only. At Colorado PsychCare we collaborate with you and consider all issues, including cost, to come up with a plan to best achieve your needs and goals.
Medication Management
We educate you about the risks and benefits of medications, non-medication options, and alternative therapies. We use the lowest doses of medications to achieve results. We help you to best understand your options so that you can make an informed decision about your care. Read More…
Conditions We Treat
We treat patients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, as well as patients struggling with life changes and situational stress. We always begin by evaluating each individual through our thorough intake process in order to make a diagnosis. Read More…
Our psychiatrists and therapists are trained in a number of different psychotherapy methods to address a wide range of issues. There are many types of therapy, and it is crucial to understand our patients’ needs before recommending a specific approach. Read More…



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