Women’s Mental Health

Women have unique mental health needs that change throughout the life cycle. One of our psychiatrists, Dr. Kerri Langer, has a particular interest in treating women of all ages. She has expertise in treating women during pregnancy, the postpartum period, breastfeeding, menopause, infertility, and those struggling with relationship difficulties and juggling multiple roles, such as work-life balance. She has specialized training in this area of psychiatry.

Some important facts about women’s mental health*:

  • Women experience Major Depression twice as often as men
  • Anxiety disorders affect women twice as often as men
  • Although women tend to discuss their mental health with their primary care doctors more than men, it is estimated that just under half of all women with mental illness are not diagnosed nor treated
  • Women consistently attempt suicide more than men, though men are more successful
  • Women’s reproductive years, including during pregnancy, are a particularly vulnerable time for developing mental health difficulties

Women’s physiologic and psychological needs change over the life cycle. Having a provider who understands these changes and is sensitive to women’s many roles can be very helpful when it comes to diagnosis and treatment. Treatment recommendations are always based on the individual’s needs, and our providers always have a detailed, collaborative discussion with each woman about treatment options in the context of her life.

*from the World Health Organization

Conditions We Treat
We treat patients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, as well as patients struggling with life changes and situational stress. We always begin by evaluating each individual through our thorough intake process in order to make a diagnosis. Read More…
Approach to Treatment
Our clinic offers comprehensive treatment, including medication management as well as counseling and psychotherapy. Initially we conduct a detailed evaluation in order to understand your current situation, as well as your medical and psychiatric history. Together we come up with a treatment plan to best meet your needs and achieve your goals. Read More… 


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