Medication Management

Many patients may feel fearful or have concerns regarding the use of psychiatric medications. At Colorado PsychCare we educate you about the risks and benefits of medications, non-medication options, and alternative therapies. Our prescribing providers use the lowest doses of medications to achieve results, and we help you to best understand your options so that you can make an informed decision about your care. We also collaborate and coordinate care with your other medical providers.
Our Providers
For more information about our physicians, prescribing providers, and therapists, visit our provider page. Read More…
Conditions We Treat
We treat patients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, as well as patients struggling with life changes and situational stress. We always begin by evaluating each individual through our thorough intake process in order to make a diagnosis. Read More…
Women's Mental Health
Mental illnesses can affect men and women differently. Some disorders are more prevalent in women and have unique symptoms and challenges. This often changes depending on where a woman is in her life cycle, such as during pregnancy and postpartum periods. Read More…


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